Samsung are helping #BingersUnite at  Sydney Opera House’BingeFest this weekend, so P.TV teamed up with them ‘cos duh pop culture. Get around the event’s official partner on Snapchat (SamsungAU), TwitterInsta and Facey (Celeste Barber will be hosting 3 x FB Lives throughout the event) to keep up with the festivities.


That’s the beauty of the internet – it’s ability to resurrect someone’s relevance like an ex Big Brother housemate to a mediocre-at-best Swarovski event.

Remember The Hellfire Of 2016 With This Weekend’s Harambe Memorial Service

From Harambe to Arthur clenching his fist, Joe Biden and Obama and the evil Kermit, we’ve been #blessed with some legit meme culture in 2016 – a small solace in a screwed up year / world where Donald Trump was somehow elected POTUS.

If you too have found a helping hand within a Netflix OG, an Ellen-receiving-a-medal meme or just a bad lip reading on YouTube, then you can get your appreciation and collective froth on at a lil’ something called BingeFest this weekend (December 17-18) including The Harambe Memorial Service at Sydney Opera House‘s Playhouse.

Taking place on Saturday at 3.45 pm, the “memorial” is a tribute to all that was viral this year, featuring celeb parodist and Instagrammer Celeste Barber, The Backburners’ James Colley, Theo Saidden the Superwog, writer Bec Shaw and journalist / comedian Dan Illic. And yes, Harambe will well and truly be discussed, highlighted and, we imagine, remembered in all of his entirety. 

If you can’t pay your respects to the dead gorilla, BingeFest will be running non-stop for 24 hours over the weekend because true bingers can’t stop, won’t stop.

Pop cult festivities to help #BingersUnite include but are not limited to: a Buffy Binge-a-thon, something called a ‘Cat Video Fest’, 24-hour bunker street fighting, a Star Wars Rogue One: Recon immersive 360 experience on a Samsung VR and, um, a performance artwork with SHIA LEBOUF, PEOPLE. 

Yes, Stanley Yelnats in the flesh – just like Harambe and my ability to live exclusively through early-naughties references, pre-nervous breakdown LeBouf won’t be forgotten on my part.

Remember The Hellfire Of 2016 With This Weekend’s Harambe Memorial Service

Make yo’ purchases for the ticketed events or get around the weekend’s calendar in general here.

JUST DO IT. Because post-nervous breakdown LeBouf doesn’t exactly suck either.

Remember The Hellfire Of 2016 With This Weekend’s Harambe Memorial Service

Photo: Cincinnati Zoo.