PEDESTRIAN.TV has linked up with Releaseit to turn things lying around your home into $$$.

Folks, let me tell you about my dad real quick. He goes through these phases every couple of months, where he’ll just dive head-first into a hobby. Right now, it’s coffee. Before that? Plants and pots. At one point, it was gym stuff. In other words, Dad likes to buy new things. Loves it! Takes great care of whatever he buys! But sooner or later, the phase dies in a hole. What does that mean? Well, the ol’ childhood home’s starting to look like a knock-off Bunnings.

The reason I’m yarning with you about my dad is because he’s the first person I thought of when I learned about Releaseit. The recently launched Aussie company connects people with the things they need, allowing item owners to list their goods online and vice versa. Why let that exercise bike you’ve only used once go to waste when you can use it to swing some $$$ your way?

Listing your items on Releaseit is the perfect solution for people – hi Dad! – who aren’t quite ready to let go of their things just yet, but don’t have much use for them either. Not ready to sell that bulky camera that can do big zoom-zoom things on family holidays? Fair enough! But maybe you could let someone borrow it for a couple of days. And, they’ll pay you.

If you’re an item seeker, Releaseit gives you the opportunity to save money, while getting your hands on that thingamabob you really need.

Say you’re throwing a party and you need a – I don’t know – GIANT chess set for shits and giggles. Rent it. Music system? Rent that too. A whole-ass photobooth? Reeeeeent it. These are things you don’t need to buy, like you don’t have to shell out a couple of hundreds for something you’re going to use once, y’know? That’s just a waste, if you ask me.

Bonus point for renters: if you rent a cute camper for a road trip, it’s not your job to maintain it. Your job is to have a sick time and return the camper in the condition you received it in. Win-win.

Not to mention, Releaseit has range. It doesn’t just list party items, there’s a heap of sporting goods too. And home and garden stuff, electronics, vehicles, and hardware. Even literal penthouses are listed on Releaseit. But the pièce de résistance for me has to be the dresses I can rent.

I’ve been totally guilty of buying a fancy schmancy new dress for a party, only to wear it twice. But these days, I can just rent a dress from places like Releaseit. It saves me money and it changes my relationship with shopping for the better. And that’s what we like to see.

So, if you’re an item owner looking to make some extra bucks with goods lying around the home, or an item seeker in desperate need of some golf clubs for a work thing, Releaseit has your back.

Get started by creating an account on Releaseit right here.

Image: Broad City