After three harrowing days, police have found the third missing pygmy marmoset, Gomez, alive and well in Tahmoor, NSW.

And because even monkey thieves presumably have goodness bottled away in their festering souls, Gomez was returned via a box on a local vet’s doorstop. You know, like in the movies.

REJOICE: Gomez, The Last Missing Marmoset, Has Been Located Safe And Sound

Police were called to the vet around 8:30pm tonight and, after finding Gomez alive and well, they’re now making arrangements to return him to Symbio Wildlife Park tonight. 

While this makes for 3/3 retrieved little monkeys, investigations will continue into how the robbery went down and what role the Jesse George, Jackson George and the mysterious ‘Ryan‘ had to play in it all.

But perhaps most importantly of all, the story now has a happy ending. Twitter can finally go bananas with those sweet monkey jokes.

Godspeed, tiny monkeys.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Photo: Symbio Wildlife Park / Facebook.