Refugee Advocates Launch Rafts On Parliament House Pond, Dye It Blood-Red

The same group of protesters who temporarily suspended Question Time yesterday – an act that included quite literally glueing their hands to bannisters – have descended on parliament for a second day.

And by descended, we mean literally. The refugee activists abseiled down the front of Parliament House in Canberra to hang a “Close the bloody camps now #Justice4Refugees” sign.

They also dyed the water feature out the front blood red, the symbolism of which is too obvious to point out.

“We’re not leaving until the government holds itself accountable for the actions that are taking place on Manus, Nauru, Christmas Island and all on-shore detention,”
said an activist in a video posted to Twitter, who goes by the Twitter handle @SMRW. “We’re not leaving until there’s justice for refugees.”

We’ll continue to update this story as it unfolds.

Photo: Twitter / @SMRW.