Reddit Is Losing It Over This Muslim Makeup Fan’s A+ ‘Halal-ey Quinn’ Look

Okay, it’s no secret that approximately ten billion people will be dressing up as Harley Quinn this Halloween, but a 21-year-old makeup enthusiast from Netherlands gets all the points for creativity.

Nora Belk, who is Muslim, uploaded a pic of herself dressed as ‘Halal-ey Quinn‘ to Reddit and it quickly shot to the top of the /pics/ subreddit.

She made the maroon-and-blue hijab herself with two colours she already had and a load of hijab pins.

“I’ve always had a thing for make-up, so when I decided to wear the hijab it just came naturally to incorporate it in the looks,” she told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “It’s a part of my identity and who I stand for, so I wear it proudly.

“Especially with social media things like this surprise people, often people see the hijab as oppression but for me it’s freedom. And I thought it was a good way to share those feelings through make-up and cosplay like this.”

Although she’s always worn her hijab for Halloween costumes, she says this is the first time she’s incorporated it into her cosplay.

Her Instagram @makeupwizardd is full of fire make-up looks both everyday and dress-up.

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Unfortunately – this being the internet – some people have been absolutely gross in their replies.

Nora says she was expecting some bad reactions, but not as many as she’s received. 

“The comments that I should take [the hijab] off to cosplay surprised me,” she said. “Some kept telling that I should get more accepted if I showed more skin, that’s weird to me. And that I am oppressed even though I am being creative and I chose to wear the hijab myself. But A LOT of the comments were so sweet, they just sweep away the negative.”

One (positive) Redditor even compared it to the hijabi Princess Leia costume that went viral three years ago

Nora replied to some of the gross commenters, saying: “I love how most of the comments are people who are so so so mad about the way I live life, assumptions made on what they see on Fox News. Take a chill pill, I’m just a five and a half foot girl with a hijab who likes makeup and puns and eats way too much. Love for all religions and races, and understanding is the key.”

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