RIGHTO: a woman has taken to Reddit to share a horrible experience in which she says she was mugged by a man while her boyfriend sprinted away.


The entire post is a bit lengthy so if you’re in a hurry then:

“Tl;dr: boyfriend left me during a mugging. Do I ruin his life in the breakup process?”

Posted in the r/relationship_advice subreddit, the OP gets straight into it.

“Tuesday night boyfriend and I were out, he parked in an alley because it’s free. As we got to the car this tiny little homeless looking guy stepped out with a screwdriver and said something like ‘I’ll [sic] I need is a hit, me $20 and no one gets hurt.’

Boyfriend sprinted away, He didn’t Even look behind him so I was stuck with the mugger.”

The OP goes on to explain how, because she only had her phone on her, the mugger held the screwdriver to her throat and groped her because he thought she was hiding money in her bra and underwear.

“I kept hoping that Aiden would be coming back with the cops but nothing. The homeless guy eventually realized I had nothing and just left down the other end of the alley.”

Despite being shaken, the woman was able to walk around the corner to find two police officers about a block away. She reported the incident and the mugger was found in less than five minutes.

At this point, one might think,”Maybe her partner was just terrified, we don’t know what we’d do in the situation.”

But, this story is not finished yet.

“I rode with the police to the station to ID the guy. Maybe an hour later Aiden calls and said ‘I have the police are you ok?’ I exploded on him telling him that I’m at the fucking police station and have been for an hour. He tried to tell me he was so scared he didn’t know what to do and ran immediately to the police. I told him he was a liar because the two police I’d found had been there all night and he must have run past them.

“After some serious arguing he admitted he’d gone to hide in a park about three blocks away. I was disgusted. And kept hiding when he heard all the sirens because he thought that meant I’d been stabbed or worse! What the actual fuck.”

But wait, this story is still not over yet.

When the woman asked Aiden to come pick her up from the police station, he said no because “he doesn’t like cops and is afraid they’d laugh at him.” 

As you can imagine, the woman was unimpressed by how her ex-boyfriend had not called the police and as a result, dumped him.

“Yesterday he finally called around noon and I told him don’t bother we’re broken up. He then spent the next 8 hours texting me a combination of calling me names, begging me to come back to him, and explaining what he’d done had been the smartest thing for both of us.

“He said had he not run, his natural rage would have taken over and he would have killed the guy. Suuuuuuurreeee….”

You can read the full post below.

Boyfriend (30m) and I (22m) were mugged. He sprinted off and left me alone with mugger. He claims he was running for help but I didn’t hear from him for over an hour. Just wondering how bad I should blow up his shit? from relationship_advice

In less than 24 hours, the post racked up more than 37,000 up votes and more than 6,000 comments.

Sure, some people reacted with a simple ‘what the fuck?’ but others concluded Aiden must – must – have warrants out for his arrest.

“Sounds like your ex-boyfriend has warrants. He didn’t want to be there when cops came as they would ask his name and for ID,” one user commented.

“Even if he has a warrant he could have called without leaving his name and info. No way this is justified,” another replied.

A lot of users also mentioned the fight or flight response:

“When people are confronted with stressors and conflict they do one of five things. They either flop, friend, freeze, flight or fight. Unfortunately it seems like OP’s ex-boyfriend flighted away from this situation and is extremely embarrassed about it. Nobody knows what exactly they’re going to do until given the situation.”

While others simply trolled:

“Maybe he jay walked going to get the cops and for their safety he fled to the park to protect the police from his murderous rage. He had to hide in the bushes like the natural predator that he is to protect the world, and so his girlfriend wouldn’t see the beast he had become.”

Source: Reddit
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