How To Recreate The College Experience We See In Movies ’Cos Uni Truly Isn’t The Same In Aus
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For someone who studied film at uni, I’ve seen an embarrassing number of college movies. In fact, I reckon I’ve seen all of them. I’d put on my pretentious pants in a class chock-full of film bros and then drive home to watch The House Bunny for the 50th time.

In hindsight, those movies are definitely ‘of the era’, but everyone seemed to go through such transformative experiences — they made lifelong friends, found confidence and hit up a bunch of parties. What’s not to like?

As you can imagine, it was a colossal disappointment when I realised most people in Australia stay close to home for their studies. The majority of my high school grade went to the same uni and just drive home at the end of the day. How the hell am I supposed to reinvent myself when I saw old mate Jack from bio every second day?

Ugh, anyway. I made do and tried to emulate the US college experience as much as possible. I even ended up doing a short-term exchange in Indiana (lol) and spoiler alert: it wasn’t quite like the movies portrayed either.

Obviously, movies are too good to be true, but I did learn a lesson or two. I walked so my fellow college movie fans could run. Here’s how I’d recreate the US college experience as best as you can while Down Under.

Move from your hometown

Despite the fact that I asked the head of the Greek system at my college if I could be an honorary pledge (wish I was kidding), I now hate sororities and fraternities. Sure, a hint of spite could be mixed in, but mostly it’s because they’re whack. The sororities aren’t allowed to throw their own parties??? They can only attend them at frats??? Outdated madness.

But we don’t need them here! For the movie experience, I’d still say move out of mum and dad’s. Live close to campus in some student accommodation and turn those folks down the hall into your new fam. Student accommodation like Scape has modern apartments with lots of communal spaces to cook, hang out or complain about classes in. There are also studio options if you want your space or for more value, apartments with multiple bedrooms. And no hazing!

monsters university college GIF by Disney Pixar

Get involved

OK, this is something I didn’t do and regret it big-time. If they didn’t live together, everyone in those college movies bonded through some kind of society. Whether you join an acapella group à la Pitch Perfect or become the water boy for a footy team, a club can help you find your ‘people’.

We just don’t have the same pride in our institutions as Americans do in their colleges. But, even if people poke fun, attend those big campus events. You’ll mix ‘n mingle like in the movies!

anna kendrick haters GIF by Pitch Perfect

Put yourself out there

After years of high school with the same people, it feels like a rude shock having to start from scratch with making friends. We were so uninhibited as kids, it used to be so much easier!

Talk to everyone and go to every party. When I was nervous I used to think about the dorks in Sydney White who grew in confidence after Amanda Bynes joined their college house. What would she tell me to do? So, with Ms Bynes in mind, I’d make the excruciating march up to someone and do my best to charm ’em.

Speaking of…

Every college movie is a bit saucy and lucky for you, you can flirt your pants off in any country. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the States or here, but while you’ve got a smorgasbord of people around ya, you might as well go to town and find out who you do and don’t like. Once you’re out of there and Frank at work is the only new person to lay your eyes on, you’ll regret not experimenting more.

Anyway, I know we technically go to uni to learn but I was there for the ~vibes~ only. And if you’re similar, try the above to make those close pals the movies made us crave. I’m still obsessed with the mates I picked up there!

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