Record-Breaking Pearl Worth $100M Was Hiding Under Bloke’s Bed For A Decade

A fisherman in the Philippines has been keeping what could be the world’s largest casually under his bed for the past ten years. If it’s confirmed to be real, the thing could be worth $131 million. Who would pay that much for a pearl? I literally do not know. I can’t imagine paying even half that, to be honest.

Look at the damn thing. It’s a big-ass pearl:
It’s apparently 34kg, 60cm wide and 30cm long.
The fisherman, from Puerto Princesa, says he found the pearl over ten years ago when his anchor caught on a giant clam. This yuge pearl was apparently gestating inside. He’s turned it over to the tourism office, clearly unaware of its potential value.
Dunno about you, but I’m in his boat on this one. If I found a pearl that big, I’d probably end up chucking it under my bed as well. Selling it just seems like so much effort. I’m not here for that.
If this is real, it’ll smash the record of the last big-ass pearl, which was discovered in the same region in 1939 and weighed 6.4 kilos. That one was valued by a gemologist at $93 million. 
Again, I ask you: who is paying that much for pearls? Can I have their money? I would spend it better.
Photo: Princesa Tourism Office.