Rebel Wilson‘s court case against Bauer Media continues to drag on in the Melbourne Supreme Court as her team attempts to prove libel allegations against the publisher.

And with every day the case drags on for, the weirder and weirder the details get.

Earlier the court heard how Wilson is utterly, totally, 100% convinced that she is a relative of Walt Disney‘s via marriage. Though she has absolutely no physical evidence to prove the link, the claim is nonetheless taken seriously enough by the Disney Corporation to allow her membership to the ultra-exclusive, top-secret Disneyland-based organisation Club 33.

Today’s proceedings? It’s gotten bloody weirder.

Firstly, it was revealed that Wilson contacted the head of Fairfax Media on a personal favour in an attempt to get a 2002 article about her – one that revealed her age – taken down.

Wilson and Fairfax boss Greg Hywood met while Wilson was performing promotional work for joint Fairfax/Nine-venture Stan. Hywood reportedly mentioned to her to get in touch if she ever needed a favour; a favour that was called in by Wilson when she emailed him requesting the old article be scrubbed.

But it gets strangerer.

The whole case is centred on Bauer Media articles that labelled Wilson a compulsive liar who deliberately covered up her age. Wilson asserts that the articles caused her to be fired from a string of movies.

Throughout the course of this hearing, Wilson has been grilled by lawyers for Bauer accusing her of repeatedly lying about her age to journalists.

Remarkably, today Wilson was confronted about a Buzzfeed article that she retweeted. Not something she tweeted herself. Something someone else had tweeted, and that she had rapped that MFing RT button on instead.

The article in question was entitled “29 Times Rebel Wilson Was The Coolest Person On The Planet“; an article that was written in celebration of Rebel’s 29th birthday. In reality, the star of ‘Pitch Perfect‘ was reportedly turning 35 instead.

Wilson steadfastly denied the retweet (this is in the Supreme Court, mind you) was done to further any supposedly fabricated story about her age, and rather she merely hit the RT button because of the headline and the fact the article had a “cute picture” as its lead image.

Holy moly. There is a lot to unpack there, and we do not envy the judge having to deal with it.

The case, which is now in its sixth day, continues.

Source: Herald Sun.

Photo: Quinn Rooney/Getty.