Rebel Wilson’s Latest Insta Might Prove She Really Is Related To Walt Disney

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Rebel Wilson, queen of our hearts and conquerer of Bauer Media, has long maintained that she’s related to Walt Disney. She’s been so committed to this aspect of her family history, in fact, that it came up during the defamation trial she brought against Bauer – they tried to defend themselves by saying that she was a habitual liar, as evidenced by her repeated claims of Disney-hood.

And uh, yeah, if you look at the transcripts from the court proceedings, it doesn’t seem like there is an abundance of convincing evidence that Wilson is, in fact, related to the grandfather of American animation.

SCHOFF: So as you sit here today, you don’t really believe that you’re related by marriage to Mr Disney at all, do you?

WILSON: Yes, I definitely believe that I am.

SCHOFF: You accept that you had that belief as a child because your nanna told you?

WILSON: Yes, from as early as I can remember.

SCHOFF: But you know that your story doesn’t add up, don’t you?

WILSON: No, I don’t. My nanna had a family tree done.

I know this sounds about as credible as an enduring belief in the Tooth Fairy, but here’s (possible) proof that there might be some truth to Wilson’s claims: a couple of vids she just posted to Insta which show her gallivanting around an entirely empty Disneyland.

I love it most when it’s closed and it’s just the family.” HMMMMM.

Of course, this could just be the winning combo of being a bona fide famous person and also being a member of the semi-secret Disney ultra-fan club, Club 33.

It’s rumoured that fewer than 500 people are members of the exclusive club, which has branches in three Disney parks – and which costs US$25,000 to join and US$10,000 in annual fees.

Still – does an exclusive membership get you access to the happiest place on earth after hours? Or is the actress born Melanie Elizabeth Bownds actually related to Walt Disney’s wife, Lillian Bounds?

I can’t believe how invested I am in the mystery now. SOMEONE MAKE THIS MOVIE PLEASE.