Rebel Wilson Accuses Producers Of ‘Burying’ Her Movie After She Called Out Alleged Misconduct

Producers for Rebel Wilson‘s directional debut film have responded to her explosive claims that they are preventing it from premiering at the Toronto Film Festival after she reported three key players for misconduct during filming.

Taking to Instagram, Wilson shared a video in which she alleged that her musical comedy The Deb was selected for closing night at the Toronto Film Festival.

“To have the joy of the movie being selected is one thing, but then to have the business partners involved in that movie turn around and say that, ‘no, the movie can’t premiere’ is just beyond devastating,” Wilson said.

“Why are they saying this? Why are they stopping it from premiering at Toronto? Well, this dates back to October of last year when I discovered bad behaviour by these business partners.

The Deb is Rebel Wilson’s directional debut. (Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

“I reported their bad behaviour when I found out. Not minor things, big things. Inappropriate behaviour towards the lead actress of the film.”

Wilson wasn’t tight-lipped about naming and shaming, either.

“They are the so-called producers of the film and I use that term very lightly,” she continued.

Wilson claimed that after she reported their “bad behaviour” she was met with “absolute viciousness and retaliatory behaviour”. She also alleges that the producers are trying to “bury” the film and stop it from premiering.

“This is the work of hundreds of people who’ve put their heart and soul into this, and this behaviour is absolutely vile and disgusting,” Wilson continued.

In a statement to Deadline, a spokesperson for the producers slammed Wilson’s claims.

“RW’s allegations are false, defamatory, and disappointing,” they said.

“Her self-promotional claims are clearly intended to cause reputational harm to the individuals who have supported her directorial debut film The Deb — a joyous movie that we’re very proud of and are looking forward to sharing with audiences. 

“For her to promote a false narrative to advance her own agenda undermines the film and all the people who worked on this project.”