Rebel Wilson Is Deadset 100% Convinced She’s Related To Walt Disney

So a few days ago we mentioned that Rebel Wilson, who’s currently in the middle of suing the crap out of Bauer Media for insinuating she was a liar back in 2015, is a member of Disney‘s top-secret and super exclusive Club 33
That seems legit. But another aspect of that story is now copping some scrutiny – the part where Rebel Wilson absolutely, positively, one hundred per cent believes she is related to Walt Disney.
Does she have any evidence for this claim? Um, no, aside from the fact that her grandma always told her it was true. 
Does that bother her? Also no. She is absolutely dead set on this being true. She’s related to Walt Disney and that is that. In fact, according to transcripts, she told the court, “It is just something I have always known. It is like knowing who your parents are.
The whole exchange between Wilson and the cross-examining lawyer is like something from a Monty Python sketch:
SCHOFF: So as you sit here today, you don’t really believe that you’re related by marriage to Mr Disney at all, do you?

WILSON: Yes, I definitely believe that I am.

SCHOFF: You accept that you had that belief as a child because your nanna told you?

WILSON: Yes, from as early as I can remember.

SCHOFF: But you know that your story doesn’t add up, don’t you?

WILSON: No, I don’t. My nanna had a family tree done. 

Fair deuce, I guess, if nana’s done a family tree and everything. After all, how else would she have that club membership? 
Image: Instagram / @rebelwilson.