Rebel Wilson is in Melbourne expressly to sue the Laura Ashley pedal-pushers off Bauer Media, a.k.a. the jerks responsible – she says – for her career taking a nosedive in 2015. 

Wilson told the court today that after a series of articles painting her as a serial liar were published in the Bauer glossies Woman’s Day, New Weekly, OK Magazine and Women’s Weekly, she was fired from Dreamworks‘ production Kung Fu Panda 3after she’d finished recording her entire part. 

The ABC reports her saying: 

“I was called in in July 2015 […] and I’d already finished the whole movie […] and I believed I was just coming in to do a few additional lines.”

She said that Jeffrey Katzenberg, Dreamworks’ chief executive, told her “unfortunately you’re just now too divisive to be in this movie, it’s a family movie.”

“I was just absolutely shocked and blindsided […] I didn’t even know what to say, I was just extremely embarrassed.

“The director and producers had said they’d loved my improvisation so much that it reminded them of when Robin Williams recorded. 

“I believe Mr Katzenberg was referring to the negative press – that’s the only thing I can think of.”

Wilson was replaced by Kate Hudson, but not before her voice had featured in one of the film’s early trailers. 

The defamation case is alleging that Bauer’s articles meant that Wilson lost a number of jobs after they said that she lied about her age and other aspects of her life. 

The trial is expected to continue for the next two weeks. 

Source: ABC.

Image: Michael Dodge / Getty.