Seemingly taking cues from Facebook’s fledgling beginnings—Zuckerberg’s Facemash, a rating system for Harvard students—an app that can be summed up as “Yelp for humans” was never going to be welcomed with open arms.

Peeple, the app claiming to fill a gap that nobody asked to be filled (its slogan: “Character Is Destiny“), will soon arrive on the scene – allowing users to review people peeple the same way they would restaurants, with a star rating that can’t be erased. 

Once someone decides to rate you on the app, you’re there. A light-hearted Review with Myles Barlow for your m8s, this is not. 

Real Life Burn Book, AKA “Yelp For Humans”, Gets The Reception It Deserves

Peeple pitches their Burn Book, launching in November, like so:

“Why is there nothing that provides reviews, ratings and commentary on aspects that truly matter to us?”

“Looking at everyone in the three ways you could possibly know someone – personally, professionally and romantically – you can provide a rating and review on everyone you come in contact with, while allowing yourself to be reviewed.”

Ratings work based on a single-degree-of-separation dealio: if you’re friends with someone on Facebook, or have their mobile number, you can start rating them – you don’t even have to have downloaded the app, and a lil portfolio of feedback just sits there, clocking up Peeple’s estimated worth—before even launching—of over $7 million.

With Peeple releasing a hasty statement online, setting their Twitter to private and deleting comments on their Facebook posts – the reaction online hasn’t been great. 

Despite Peeple blatantly providing users a platform for permanent cyber bullying to thrive—whether that was their intention or not—Peeple’s founders have attempted to polish a turd/defended their vision as a “positivity app” on their website in a new statement, since the Washington Post’s article on the app spread wildly in the past 24 hours.

“We are a positivity app launching in November 2015. Whether you love us or our concept or not; we still welcome everyone to explore this online village of love and abundance for all.”

Nah mate.

Real Life Burn Book, AKA “Yelp For Humans”, Gets The Reception It Deserves

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via The Washington Post