This Real Estate Agency Is Getting Roasted On Reddit For Their Half-Baked Advertisement

As surely as the Sun will rise, a real estate agent will do something bonkers. In this case, one Reddit user claimed they received a bewildering pamphlet from real estate agency Ray White — and it’s got the internet heated.

We’ve all seen real estate agency ads before.

It’s almost always a picture of some smug bastard in a too-tight suit, standing in front of an unaffordable property/scenic view, and bearing a shit eating grin that shows off their eerily white teeth.

You know the ones. They look a bit like this:

(Aunty Donna are not actual real estate agents. Source: Aunty Donna.)

They’re basically the same as those posters politicians put up during elections that just have a photo of themselves and their brand/party logo. Is it a coincidence that these two disreputable occupations do the same type of ad? I’ll let you deicide.

However, as Redditor u/zaitsman discovered, not all real estate agency ads are the same.

In a post to r/Australia, the Redditor shared a picture of a pamphlet they received from Ray White that broke from the mould of your typical real estate agency ad.

Instead of the typical self-aggrandising photoshoot, plastered on the cover of this pamphlet was a photo of delicious roasted meal.

And on the other side of the brochure? A recipe for slow cooked lamb.

Real estate agents are getting desperate
byu/zaitsman inaustralia

The only indication that the ad was for real estate related was the vibrant yellow Ray White branding, and a coupon for a free property appraisal with the agency’s email address attached.

Yet despite the leaflet’s abcence of typical grind-gearing real estate agent BS, this alternative advertisement still copped a red-hot roasting on Reddit.

“Real estate agents are getting desperate,” the post was captioned.

A sentiment which seemed to be reciprocated by the folk of Reddit, who jumped at the opportunity to roast all real estate agents.

“To be fair they’re pretty experienced at cooking up bullshit every three months and at the vacate inspection,” someone joked.

“Please tell me there’s one for a shit sandwich?!” wrote another.

“This has to be AI generated. No real estate agent would allow marketing material that isn’t half covered by a photo of them and their shitty veneers,” one user sarcastically quipped.

Thankfully, the great mystery of why Ray White would decide to stray from their usual advertising model was answered by one user who claimed to have worked as a leaflet dropper.

“This has been a marketing tactic real estates have used for years,” they explained.

“The hope is that you’ll keep the card because the recipe looks like something you’d want to try.”

Look I’m not going to lie, I’d much rather learn how to make a slow cooked lamb than see a photo of one of the Dipshit brothers from Dipshit and Dipshit Real Estate Co.

That said, given how dire the current housing market is and the fact I’ll never own a house — AND the fact that real estate agents are accused of being class-traitors — I think the top preference would be to not get any ads whatsoever.

And, ya know, recipes are on Google.

[Image: Reddit]