Text messages tendered in court today reveal one of the men found to be in possession of a rare, baby pygmy marmoset stolen from a New South Wales wildlife park suggested he could sell the critter for as little as $500.

Along with his brother, Jackson George was accused of illegally obtaining the young primate, which was nicked from the Symbio Wildlife Park on Saturday, with the apparent intention of palming it off to another buyer.

Messages from his phone to “Ryan” – who has not yet been identified and located – reveal Jackson was pretty bloody cruisey about the fact someone was trying to sell him a vulnerable baby monkey.

Ryan first said “ay, check out my monkey,” to which Jackson replied “That’s mad bro. Wanna sell it bruh?” 

Ryan told Jackson, who was arrested yesterday in the town of Appin, that he had “paid nothing” for the lil’ fella, and “got it from the zoo last night.”

Jackson said “I’ll buy all three of them if youse want to sell them,” and implied he could get “500” for the baby monkey alone. 

Other texts suggested Jackson had been complicit in the sale of a snake and a joey outside of this monkey-specific incident.

While marmoset Sophia was safely located earlier today in Wollongong, the baby’s father Gomez remains missing. 

The prosecution claimed “Mr George has shown complete contempt for police,” and “has information that could lead to the finding of that third monkey.”

“He has laughed and stated that… ‘you have my phone, you’ll work it out’.”

Police are still on the lookout for Gomez, and are still urging anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Source: news.com.au / Illawarra Mercury.

Photo: Symbio Wildlife Park / Facebook.