‘I Miss Her Immensely’: Another Fitness Influencer & Mum To Five Has Suddenly Passed Away

New Zealand fitness influencer Raechelle Chase has passed away. The coroner is currently in the process of determining the cause of death.

A New Zealand fitness influencer has tragically passed away. The coroner is currently in the process of determining the exact cause of death.

Raechelle Chase was an Auckland-based mum to five children per local NZ publication Stuff.

Chase had previously been a competitive bodybuilder and even competed at the 2011 Figure Olympia in Las Vegas, becoming the first Kiwi woman to do so.

She was most popular on Facebook, where she’d garnered over 1.4 million followers on the platform.

Her most recent piece of fitness-related content, an image from an Oxygen Magazine photoshoot, was a scheduled post. Chase passed away earlier this month, however her death has only just been made public.

“Photo shoot for Oxygen Magazine Cover #california with Jason Ellis Photographer #fitnessmodels #getfit #nodeling #determination #deam #vision,” the caption read.

Across her entire career, she had been featured on 14 magazine covers.

Chase’s final fitness-related social media post. Photo credit: Jason Ellis.

”She was supportive, kind-hearted and always had the best advice for us. She was a wildly driven woman with ambition and has inspired millions of people around the world,” her eldest daughter Anna Chase said in a statement.

”I miss her immensely and that love won’t ever fade”.

Raechelle Chase’s former husband Chris Chase, with who she had her five children, was jailed for ten years for taking part in the distribution of a drug akin to MDMA.

The pair separated in 2015 after being together for 14 years with Chris’ sentence handed down shortly after per news.com.au.

In 2016, the influencer wrote a piece for Stuff titled “Leave abusive relationships for the sake of your kids”.

“I don’t really know how it happened, but I fell into a relationship that I would quickly discover was empty, lifeless and loveless and would take me for everything I had spiritually and emotionally,” Chase penned.

“Since I managed to get out of this toxic relationship, I feel like I need to speak up about my experience so that maybe I can help encourage and inspire people in the same situation to do the same.”

Back in July, German bodybuilding influencer Jo Lindner tragically died aged just 30.

His Instagram account @joesthetics had over eight million followers and was where Jo posted much of his weightlifting and lifestyle content.