Far-right politician and rejected Bond villain Geert Wilders claims he has been granted a visa to enter Australia.


If he has his way, the controversial Dutchman, who is known for his extremely anti-Islamic viewpoint and letting words like “Islam is… the ideology of a retarded culture” come out of his mouth, will be flying to visit supporters of the newly founded Australian Liberty Alliance in Perth

The libertarian party claims they stand against “racism (good!), political correctness (um), moral relativism (despite being a Christian party), divisive multiculturalism (what) or tolerance for the intolerant.” Presumably they are also against the concept of irony. 

Wilders has had trouble getting into our borders before, and his planned trip in 2012 was postponed after his visa application failed. Potential visa applicants can have their claims vetoed if they breach Public Interest Criteria, which rule out individuals who have “vilified or incited friction within the community,” or who “represents a danger to… a specific sector of the community”

Advocates for the politician claim the supposed attempts to keep-him-the-fuck-away are direct attacks on the concept of free speech; it’s an argument that’s weakened by the fact Australia has no U.S-style protections on free speech

For this reason, it’s yet to be seen if Wilder will actually appear in Perth, or if he’ll be knocked back for his speech like Tyler, The Creator was for his lyrics earlier this year

We’ll reserve our judgment on the matter until Tyler starts speaking at political rallies.

Radical Anti-Islam Politician Stoked To Spawn New Party In Australia

Via the ABC.
Image: Ryan Pierse via