Just Some Photo Evidence That ‘Queer Eye’ In Yass Was The Greatest Thing Ever

We’d argue there has never been a more committed or thorough use of wordplay than Queer Eye‘s recent trip to Yass, New South Wales. Think about it: five fellas travelled across the world just to become Yass Queens (and to provide a couple of make-overs, but you know).

Fortunately for us, it turns out the Fab Five is just as serious about being lovely angels as they are about puns.

Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, and Tan France met the town with as much enthusiasm as the locals greeted the Netflix crew, and there’s plenty of selfie goodness to prove it.

Observe, if you will, Brown and France recording a video for someone who, unfortunately, was not in Yass yesterday:


How about these scene-stealing, baby-holding, and entirely flawless shots?

There’s this shot, in which Van Ness can be seen providing good exam vibes:

And this lovely goodness from a boutique in town, which may yet feature in Queer Eye‘s upcoming Yass webisode:

If that’s somehow not enough for you, the Yass Tribune has asked punters so submit their photos with the gang. You can peek ’em HERE.

At time of writing, they’re in Sydney. Feel free to go track ’em down if you’re frothing to take your own photos with the crew: as their appearance in Yass proved, they’re a friendly bunch who seem to vibe heavily on Australian hospitality.