In case you ever think Queensland isn’t God’s country, please watch this iconic footage of a cheerful woman casually kissing an eel while surrounded by nasty, shart-like flood water. We truly do live in the strangest timeline.

The chaotic floods decimating Australia’s east coast have left plenty of things in places they shouldn’t be — a quad bike hanging off an electrical line, a cow on a rooftop, and now, an eel in the embrace of an…uh… affectionate Queensland woman.

9 News reporter Peter Fagan shared footage to Twitter earlier today of a woman laughing amidst floodwaters and giving an eel a giant smooch not once, not twice, but three times. On the lips too, for good measure.

She then exclaimed “happy flood day!” and went to toss “Mr Eel”, who both my bosses rudely called a “disgusting creature”,  back into the water as the footage cut.

Imagine being this chaotic good. The sheer power of this woman… eel-ectrifying.

It’s unclear who the woman is, why she’s giving the forbidden noodle a slimy lil’ kiss, or if “flood day” is something we are supposed to be celebrating.

But, she’s already displaying more spine and humanity than our PM, who unfortunately contracted COVID just when we started needing him.

It also seems she’s an expert at handling slimy little fiends, so maybe we should eel-ect her. I trust her.

All jokes aside though, please do not enter floodwaters or kiss eels during this storm or ever. Floodwaters are often deeper than they appear, can be more rapid than you think, and are also filled with all kinds of nasty sewage and waste. And eels, apparently.

Stay strong, stay safe, and admire eels from a distance, friends.