Friends, have you ever wanted to buy a theme park and invite all your friends over for some wild fkn parties? Well yeah, of course you have, but a dream like that is often met with an extreme price tag. What if I told you that there was a whole theme park going for sale for less than a house in Sydney?

Introducing 505 Allambie Lane in Gumlow, Queensland, a 25-acre low-budget theme park with 5 bedrooms, 3 living areas, and a fkn windmill. There’s a lot you can grab here for just $2,500,000, which, as said before, is cheaper than most places in Sydney. I’m going to cry.

Sure I may never own a house, but maybe I can own a theme park. I can create the modern-day Grantie’s Maze. Catch me cleaning the built-in jumping castle, wiping down the windmill in the morning, stocking up the restaurant that comes with the land, or zhuzhing up the fkn AQUA GOLF.

Fuck it, here’s a list of every single thing you can get on this property, if you sign your name on the dotted line and sell your soul to the devil (living in Queensland).

  • A full commercial kitchen (to serve food in your new park).
  • An amenities block (for guests, duh).
  • A flat for managers and staff (because why have one house when you can have two)
  • A massive fkn shed (for your new tractor).
  • A 5 bedroom main residence with a speaker system through the house (you know exactly what this means).
  • 2 big fish dams.
  • 2 cable ski dams.
  • 3 family fishing dams.
  • Dams! Dams as far as the eye can see!
  • 3 fish feeding ponds.
  • A bloody windmill.
  • Aqua Golf (pending approval).
  • Slip n Slide, Tunnels and ‘Catapults’ (it’s unclear what the hell the catapult is).
  • Jumping pillow (it’ll make sense later).

Now, let’s look at some pics of this bad boy, shall we?

Here is one of the buildings of residence, which has been decorated in a kiddish style, but you can always change it.

allambie lane queensland theme park

Here’s the main residence looking all green and stuff.

queensland theme park

Your windmill and truck parking space. Possibilities are endless.

theme park

Jumping pillow!!


You can also sit with bae and overlook one of the many ponds this land comes with.


Now for inside the main residence — chic and cute.

allambie lane queensland theme park

Add some sweet furniture to this bad boy and it becomes the best crib you’ve ever seen.

allambie lane queensland theme park

So yeah, that’s the ‘theme park’ going for sale. If you want a better look at its full glory, you can head over here.

Sure, it may be some time until you own a house in Sydney, but why settle for a house when you can get a whole theme park… for cheaper?