Queensland Police Dog Dies After Helping His Team Track Down Alleged Robber


Queensland Police is in mourning after one of their hardworking canines, Police Dog (PD) Kaleb, collapsed and died while on duty on Sunday morning.

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In a statement, Queensland Police said PD Kaleb and his handler Sergeant Constable Trevor O’Neill were responding to a break and enter in Harristown, Toowoomba at 1:30am. PD Kaleb was tracking the suspect through the streets when they located a man believed to be involved in the robbery. At around 2:45am, on their way back to the Dog Squad vehicle, PD Kaleb suddenly stumbled to the ground.

Sgt O’Neill immediately performed first aid but PD Kaleb became unconsciousness. He was rushed to a nearby vet but sadly, could not be saved.

Police said Sgt O’Neill is “absolutely devastated by the loss of his dog, partner and mate,” who was born into service in 2012.

“In his 5 years he has been with the service, he has been part of countless successful tracks and apprehensions,” they said in a statement.

“All QPS dogs live at home with their handlers and are part of their family and the bond between handlers and their dogs makes them inseparable.

“The QPS takes the safety and wellbeing of all police dogs very seriously and treats them as valued members of the police family.”

Police said the State Capability Coordinator (Dog Squad) will conduct a review into the circumstances of PD Kaleb’s death.

“Vale PD Kaleb, with honour you served, and it was our honour to serve with you.” 

Queensland Police also shared a moving poem, Guardians of the Night, in tribute to the beloved canine.