QLD Police Arrested Two Teens In Noosa Who Allegedly Lied About Sydney Travel & Didn’t Isolate

Queensland Police have arrested two teens in the middle of a Noosa shopping centre who were busted allegedly lying about where they had travelled.

The two girls, aged 15 and 16, entered Queensland before the borders shut fully on Saturday. However because they had come from Sydney, they were supposed to isolate for 14 days as Queensland now considers it to be a coronavirus hotspot.

While they had already given their details to police in Brisbane, they allegedly failed to mention exactly which city beginning with S and ending with Y they had visited during their time away.

“They weren’t completely honest with where they had been,” Superintendent Craig Hawkins said.

“We became aware of these two young ladies who had entered through Brisbane and made their way to the Sunshine Coast.

“They arrived from hotspot Sydney last week and police were looking for them to check the veracity of their travel and to ensure they could be tested.”

In making the arrest, police closed a bunch of shops, with some witnesses saying they were trapped inside.

However despite shutting down half the shopping centre and creating a panic with the public arrest, neither of the girls showed any symptoms.

“We have no information to suggest they are carriers of the disease,” Hawkins added.

“There is no need to panic.”

The girls, one of whom is from Queensland and the other from NSW, were given masks and put in the back of a police car.

Queensland Police are still deciding whether to lay charges because the two are so young, but they did confirm the girls will be tested for COVID-19 and made to quarantine.