This Qld Woman Took Out A Full Newspaper Ad To Roast Her Ex So Move Over Local FB Group Drama

In some bonafide locals-only drama, a woman named Jenny has absolutely rinsed a man called Steve in the form of a full-page newspaper ad. And this, my friends, is why print will never die.

Jenny is an icon, a legend, she is the moment, she is Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl for the modern woman.

In short, Jenny took out a full page ad in independent newspaper Mackay & Whitsunday Life. It’s a local, weekly paper based in Queensland — we love to see it.

The ad was then spotted by 9News journo Olivia Grace-Curran, who shared it via Twitter.

“Dear Steve,” the ad begins.

“I hope you’re happy with her.

“Now the whole town will know what a filthy cheater you are.

“From Jenny.”

The piece de resistance? An addendum at the bottom informing Steve that the ad had been bought using his credit card.

Some people online were sceptical that the whole thing is some company’s idea of a marketing stunt. But I am choosing to believe that this is good, old-fashioned neighbourhood beef.

Mackay and Whitsunday Life posted a follow-up explanation on its Facebook after it was “inundated with dozens of messages” about the ad.

It confirmed Steve’s credit card wasn’t charged. Probably a good thing.

The pub also said it didn’t know who Steve is, and that it wouldn’t reveal any deets about Jenny.

It’s giving “people fighting via neighbourhood Facebook groups”, my favourite form of drama.

Forget wedding announcements and the sports pages — make regional newspapers Australia’s answer to Deuxmoi. I want to flip through the tea as I sip my morning coffee and munch my bacon and egg roll!

All the beefing celebrity couples of the world have nothing on Jenny and Steve. Sorry Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, you’ve absolutely been bested here.

Will we get a follow-up ad from Steve I wonder? Only time will tell. But consider this your reminder to support local news and of course, local drama.