Meet Australia’s Horniest Couple Who Pleaded Guilty To Rooting 3 Times Inside A Qld Courthouse

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

A pair of Queensland root rats have landed themselves a lengthy stretch of community service after they were pinged doing the deed INSIDE A COURTHOUSE. Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children???

Here’s how it all unfolded. Shameka Julie Leeding (19) was attending the Toowoomba Magistrates Court in late June for an unrelated matter.

She was accompanied by her partner Jake James Quinn (20) who had rocked up in peak “emotional support boyfriend” fashion.

As Leeding waited for her name to be called, she and Quinn decided it was the perfect time to do the deed.

Legal? No. Funny? Very. Hotel? Trivago.

Police prosecutor Cameron Francis recounted what happened when the clock struck the very horny time of …9:40am. Move over, nighttime, there’s a newer and far sexier time in town!

Francis said the couple began to smooch “vigorously” before commencing the aforementioned dirty deed as per The Chronicle.

“The security officer left the area, and Quinn then exposed his penis again and Leeding adjusted his penis under her skirt.

“She then sat on his lap, facing away and again started moving up and down on his lap, appearing to again engage in sexual intercourse,” a seemingly traumatised Francis told the paper.

But wait, there’s more. The pair then decided to try it out A THIRD TIME. You gotta respect the stamina…

“Leeding quickly stood up and held her arms out in an attempt to block the view of the security guard while Quinn attempted to cover himself up,” Francis concluded.

My oh my.

The solicitor defending Quinn Nathan Bouchier told the court that the “exuberance of youth” was to blame for their off-the-charts horniness.

They were slapped with 60 hours of community service each and didn’t have the conviction recorded as per

I feel like if horny jail was in fact, a thing — they would’ve been given a one-way ticket.