With respect, drunk girls are the worst. Just ask the cab drivers of the notoriously merciless taxi-hole that is Brisbane, who say that intoxicated women traveling on their own is the type of passenger they are most likely to avoid.

The Courier Mail spoke to Brisbane cabbies who said the biggest problems with drunk female passengers is their shift-destroying tendency to ralph in the car.

“Women who have been drinking are less inclined than men to ask if you can pull over if they feel sick,” one driver explained to the Courier. “It is a real pain on the night shift if you have to take time out to clean the cab. It can also be costly for the passenger and can mean an extra $80 or more, depending on how bad it is.”

The article also reports that single, intoxicated women are considered the “most dangerous” passengers, with cabbies claiming they can be subject to false accusations by those who don’t want to pay the fare. – a terrible trend and one that’s common enough to have earned a reference in the lyrics of the LCD Soundsystem song about drunk girls, “Drunk Girls”:

“(Drunk girls)
Drunk girls get invitations from nations
(Drunk girls)
They got the patience of a million saints
(Drunk boys)
They steal, they steal from the cupboards
(Drunk girls)
Drunk girls like to file complaints

There is no duty of care pertaining to cab drivers and potential fares, and exercising their right to refuse an intoxicated person entry to the cab is not legally negligent. So my fellow sisters, please remember this the next time you consider abusing a cabbie for rejecting you while you’re wavering drunk and have unknowingly peed your pants a little, then phone a friend or utilise the designated driver.

How not to hail a taxi in Brisbane: