Everyone in NSW is going to have to check in using the Service NSW QR code whenever a work or at the shops starting from next month.

While most businesses in NSW have mandatory Service NSW check-ins these days (not that anyone in Sydney is hanging around in any establishments RIP), currently you don’t have to check in at your workplace or when grocery shopping. Although I’ve already noticed the ~option~ to check in at major stores like Woolies, Coles and Kmart in my area.

The requirement, beginning on July 12, means anyone who attends a work place (yes, that includes you office people) or literally any type of store will have to scan a QR code with their phone and check in to enter. Side note: I was today years old when I discovered that QR stands for Quick Response. So that’s my new thing of the day.

Anyway, most retail businesses I’ve gone to in the last two weeks have required me to check in anyway so it’s not that big of a deal to me personally, but this will definitely be new to a lot of workplaces – though I mean, surely most office workers are working from home now anyway???

Some people are concerned about the massive increase in NSW’s information collection relating to the coronavirus, especially since it applies to every adult in the state. But I mean – the data collected by the app is used by contact tracers to figure out who’s been where and when, so we can keep track of exposure sites and get a hold of the right people when they become contacts. Sounds necessary to me??

“We’ve seen with Covid how fast it moves,” Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello told reporters on Wednesday.

“[The delta strain] moves at lightning pace, so we need to adjust our circumstances accordingly.”

Fair enough.