There are some things you take for granted when you live in the city, like bars that do cocktails, dog parks and having a trained professional that you can give money to in exchange for hair that doesn’t make you look like you think crystals cure cancer.

The tiny Queensland town of Blackall, located right smack bang in the middle of fuckin’ nowhere and with a population of about 1600, is working to rectify at least one of those.

Mayor of the Blackall-Tambo Regional Council Andrew Martin tried to get a haircut in Blackall and discovered the closest hairdresser was 100km away in Tambo:

“It’s unusual for a man with only about three hairs on his head to know all things hairdressing but it came to [my] attention late last week that Blackall was without a hairdresser. While we do have one a very good one in Tambo, there’s nothing in Blackall.

“I mean it’s a pretty basic requirement, haircuts and hairdos. Kids need haircuts, the ladies need their hair done, even me, I need a buzz cut every now and then. It’s an essential service and I’m just amazed that we’ve found ourselves without one.”

Martin chucked a post up on the old Facey B putting a callout to anyone interested to move out to Blackall to give snips to the locals:

He reckons it’s a particularly good time to move out there because it’s just rained, and that they’d be happy to help people get out there, so maybe consider it if you’ve done the apprenticeship and you’re looking to get some red dirt under your feet.

Source: ABC.