Guys, turn off the internet for the day, it’s over, everybody go home: Queensland Police have announced that they have seven new adorable police puppers, and they’re asking fellow Queenslanders to help name the adorable balls of squee.

The names have to start with the letter G, like Gary, or Good Boy, or Giuseppe, or Gal Gadot. These are just starting points, okay, shut up, I’m riffing. Luckily, they don’t have to start with R, so the purest dog name, Reschs, is still all mine. 

The squishballs – two male and five female – are six weeks old today (!!!) and, one day, when they’re all grown up, they’ll train to become general purpose or drug detection doggos.

They will then contribute more society than I – and maybe you – ever will, by lurking around Central Station sniffing for teens with joints, and being tricked by the Chasers strapping meat to their bodies at music festivals.

We’ve all got until Tuesday 8am to come up with some “creative” police pupper names and to submit them here

Photo: Queensland Police

Source: Queensland Police