Shockingly, it seems like a number of One Nation candidates for the Queensland state election *might* hold some questionable beliefs.

Specifically, the attention is on far-north Queensland candidate Peter Rogers, whose blog details his belief that both the Port Arthur massacre and the famous photo of the drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi were faked. Faked in service of robbing people of their civil liberties as part of some globalist plot, obviously.

Also, this isn’t just a deranged personal blog that has been unearthed by intrepid internet archaeology. No, this is literally his campaign blog. Generally if you’re trying to appeal to the sensible Aussie battler as Pauline Hanson generally claims, then Port Arthur denialism probably won’t get you too far.

His blog take potshots at Tony Abbott for believing the photo of Kurdi was real and acting accordingly:

We even had the stupid Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott saying we should do more help and this incident was the trigger and the only excuse he needed to bring in tens of thousands of refugees. Abbott couldnt act quick enough to get more of these so called poor people in here. Sorry to have to tell you this but Abbott is not the poor hard done by bloke he makes himself out to be at all. The whole photo thing was fabricated, As it turns out this kid was alive and well.

He uses the story of Kurdi to refer to Port Arthur, which he implies was also faked:

This phenomenon of world leaders was world wide in giving credibility to this farcical drowned boy story. The greatest social changes that happen in Australia are founded on total lies and a fabricated incident. Look at Port Arthur.

Also – and far less controversially – Rogers has a particularly great LinkedIn page:

Rogers isn’t the only One Nation candidate copping heat for unorthodox hot takes. Tracey Bell-Henselin has been criticised for posts which argue that LGBT Australians sexually groom children, and posts which supported the thoroughly deranged Pizzagate conspiracy theory about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Look, in the end it’s really hard to expect a party to field far-right candidates in every Queensland seat without turning up a few baffling beliefs. Comes with the territory, really.

Source: The Guardian.

Photo: One Nation.