QLD Man Pleads Guilty, Awaits Sentence For Horrific ‘Wolf Creek’ Abduction

A 48-year-old Queensland man is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to the horrific kidnapping and rape of a 19-year-old German backpacker in 2013.

Peter Van de Wetering picked up the victim from a bus stop near Cottonvale, NSW, after she applied for a position advertised for a nanny and a farmhand. He was wearing a fake moustache, beard and wig which were “falling off”, according to the victim.
Van de Wetering fed her chocolate laced with sedatives, bound her hands with cables ties and took her to a shearing shed. The case has drawn comparisons to “Wolf Creek” for the nature and manner of Van de Wetering’s monstrous actions. 
After the nightmare ordeal, she was fed more of the sedative-laced chocolate until she she passed out, waking up the next day beside a road near Stanthorpe. The victim had been in Australia only 2 weeks when the incident occurred.
The sentencing has been adjourned until Wednesday.
Source: SMH.
Photo: YouTube.