QLD Man Faces Prison Time For Doing Fabulous Handstands Atop Unmanned Moving Car

A thirty-year-old Gold Coast man is staring down a potential three year prison sentence on charges of dangerously operating a motor vehicle while YOLOing the fuck out, after he was apprehended for performing a series of handstands on an unmanned car ghosting silently through the crepuscular hours of Tuesday past.

While patrolling the Burleigh Heights industrial area on the lookout for nefarious bikie-related activity as part of Operation Takeback, police reportedly received multiple calls alerting them to some “unusual activity” taking place atop a Toyota Echo nearby. Upon arriving at the scene, the man confessed to performing with wild abandon a succession of five handstands all recorded on his mobile for submission to – and the hopeful acceptance of – the notoriously hard to please ‘Handstand Tuesdays’ Facebook group. 
According to The Australian, “No one was injured and no damage was caused to the vehicle, which was towed as a result of the offence and will be analysed by police mechanics.” What for? Evidence of flawless dismounts, killer pointe work and fabulous extension?
The man, guilty as sin of all three, is scheduled to reappear in court on March 10th.