QLD Just Became The First State To Ban Those Grody As Hell Wicked Vans

RIP every backpacking gronk’s dreams of roaming the country in a shit van plastered with woefully-spelled hate speech: the reign of the Wicked Camper is finally coming to an end. In Queensland, at least. 
Last night Queensland State Parliament actually did what they’ve been threatening to do for some time and passed an amendment bill (which you can read in full here) allowing the Department of Transport to cancel the registration of any vehicle displaying offensive advertising. 
The legislation will go into effect next month. Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey told Parliament that:
Offensive advertising includes advertising that uses obscene language, that is degrading, that deals inappropriately with sex or violence or very importantly that discriminates against or vilifies any section of the community.
Which places Wicked’s ‘grammar-challenged 12-year-old with a spray can and an Anonymous mask’ aesthetic squarely in the no-go zone. Suck shit, you unfunny berks.  

The bill comes in response to an ongoing slate of complaints about Wicked Campers’ offensive slogans, which include such gems as “nice legs, when do they open?” and “in every princess there is a little sl*t who wants to try it just once” (which The Chaser ruthlessly parodied last year at PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s dear friend David Leyohjelm‘s expense). 
Unfortunately, it’s likely that Wicked, a Brisbane company, will simply relocate to NSW. Once registered there, the Queensland anti-grossness laws won’t apply. Don’t be surprised if other states follow suit though – people really hate Wicked vans. 
Source: ABC.
Image: Facebook / Boycott Wicked Campers.