QLD Heatwave Causes Shoppers To Devastate Local Supply Of Zooper Doopers

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, it’s going to extremely bloody hot this weekend (exact words).

An “extreme heatwave” (told’ja) is expected to hit Queensland and northern NSW today, with temps reaching the low 30s.

And the Queensland people have responded in the only way they can reasonably be expected to: by bulk-buying all the Zooper Doopers like it’s containers of water and the apocalypse is coming.

A supermarket in the Sunshine Coast suburb of Maroochydore ran completely out of the ice-cold sugar sticks, with local resident Andrew Pettigrew posting a pic of the empty boxes to Facebook.

Look at those boxes, empty and wanting.

Temps across the state are reaching ‘don’t even THINK about walking on the concrete barefoot’ levels, reaching a max of 33 in the Sunshine Coast, 31 in the Gold Coast, and 34 in Brisbane. Take every precaution, Queensland, and by that we mean slip a sloppy slab in the fridge. (Also, sunscreen. Use it.)

TBH though, these guys know what’s up.

Photo: Facebook / Andrew Pettigrew.