QLD Crim Jailed After Driving A Car Full Of Meth & Guns To The Cop Shop

On the long-ass list of not-very-well-thought-through crimes, this has gotta be knocking on the door of the all-time greats.

A 23-year-old man from Rockhampton pleaded guilty to weapons and drug-related charges, after he reported to a police station as part of prior bail conditions in a vehicle carry, would you believe, weapons and drugs.

Jake Watts fronted up to the Queensland Supreme Court yesterday, after the prior incident in which he, already a disqualified driver, drove to Rockhampton Police Station to perform routine reporting as part of his bail conditions. On the way in, he attempted to hide his illegal driving by concealing the car’s keys in a garden bed outside the station.

It gets worse.

A member of the public spotted him hiding the keys, fetched them out of the bed, followed him inside, and handed them over to police, telling them that the keys did in fact belong to Watts.

It gets worse.

The discovery of the keys prompted police at the station to conduct a search of the car Watts drove there in. Inside, they found 19.917 grams of meth at 74% purity, seven knuckledusters, a self-loading firearm, a handgun, two vials of steroids, oestrogen, and two ammunition magazines – one of which was loaded.

In hearing of the incident, Justice Duncan McMeekin had stated, “It’s almost comical how he was arrested if it wasn’t so serious. I don’t know if any lectures will help you.

Watts’ family was on-hand for the hearing, and detailed how the promising young man spiralled into the grip of meth addiction in less than 12 months.

Justice McMeekin sentenced Watts to two-years in prison as a head sentence, with a further two-year disqualified driving period. While Watts’ parole date was set for September 7th, he was remanded in custody while he awaits the hearing of additional matters still pending before the court.