QLD Cops Tell Truckie Who Hit Bridge To Go Back To School & Learn Maths

I am not a truck driver. I’m not going to tell someone how to drive a truck. I can’t even drive manual (please don’t make fun of me), the operation of a truck is beyond my purview. I will not cast aspersions on the truck driving skills of truck drivers. I would, however, very lightly suggest maybe just every now and then checking the height of your truck to make sheer you’re not going to shear the top off because you made a terrible guess.
As our manymanymany articles about the monstrous Montague Street Bridge have shown, this is not an uncommon phenomenon. 
Some poor bastard has conspicuously committed this mistake on the Gold Coast this afternoon, managing to firmly wedge the tip bin from the back of his truck under a bridge on the Gold Coast Motorway.
Hitting it at some speed, he managed to separate the bin from the truck, getting it so firmly stuck under the overpass that they had to get a tow truck to remove it.

If that didn’t ruin his day enough, he also copped a tongue lashing from the police, who said he needed to maybe brush up on his maths:
“The truck driver needs to go back to school and learn maths because there’s signs along the bridge saying how high they are.”
Fair cop. 

Source: Channel 7.
Photo: Twitter / MatthewamHoward.