Have you ever been at a party – several tinnies into a euphoric XXXX summer glow, surrounded by your dearest and most treasured mates, filled with the kind of expansive fraternal love that only beer and the outdoors can provide – when you find yourself looking around and thinking, “you know what would make this just that little bit better? A Taser.

Neither! But two cops from the Far North Queensland town of Atherton sure did.

The two constables are alleged to have been partaking of the piss at a party when they decided that an awesome idea would be to head back to the station, crack open the weapons storage safe, “borrow” a Taser, take it back to the party, and take turns shocking each other with it. 

They allegedly used the Taser in a “truth-or-dare” style game, which I can only imagine consisted of both cops and all of the bystanders daring them to, y’know, tase each other over and over again. 

QLD Cops Stood Down For Allegedly Using Police Taser In “Truth Or Dare”

Astonishingly, the pair’s superiors are not super impressed, with a police spokesperson telling the Cairns Post that they’d both been stood down and placed on light duties while an investigation was carried out. 

The officers are the subject of an internal investigation that whilst off duty they improperly used a conducted energy weapon (Taser). 

In keeping with our commitment to high standards of behaviour, transparency and accountability, we have undertaken to inform the public when an officer faces serious allegations of misconduct. This does not mean that the allegations against the officers have been substantiated.

While charges have not been laid, unlawful possession of a Taser, which is in the same weapons class as machine guns, grenades and rocket launchers, carries a maximum penalty of seven years’ imprisonment. 

To which I say, what’s seven years in jail for one perfect night of inflicting 10,000 volts on your best buddy?

Source: Cairns Post.

Image: YouTube / The Hangover.