In terms of popular thing over-saturation, there are three distinct levels of uptake that signal the thing is either approaching, or over the crest of its ‘genuinely cool‘ phase.

The first is when police and law enforcement start using it.

Then comes the awful day when prominent politicians start getting involved.

And then, dear god, the final nail in the coffin when you come home to find your parents have gotten on board.

QLD Cops Are Making Pokemon Gags Now, And No God Please Stop Don’t Ruin It

There’s no escaping it, and no sense denying it. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

And with the wildfire-like rate that Pokémon GO has been taken up, you just knew it was a mere matter of time before it too fell victim to the unholy triumvirate of lame.

The forever-active Queensland Police Service‘s social media accounts have today begun splashing around Pokémon gags like they’re (literally) going out of fashion, with a lede-burying gag about cops issuing a move-along order to a Charmander that reportedly “breached school property” at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Mount Isa.

Which is a pretty decent lol, we’ll admit. Charmander on school grounds! Get rid of him! And it’s all well and good until you realise that, oh shit, the post kinda sort forgets to mention that it’s actually about Pokemon GO players wandering onto school grounds. Yikes.

Cops were called at around 1:30pm yesterday to deal with squirtle-obsessed peeps who had ventured onto school grounds in search of all them pokemans, which is… y’know… kind of frowned upon in a “strange adults mingling around kids” kinda way.

Mount Isa Police do conduct 24-hour patrols of the school grounds, and adults found on the property “without a lawful reason” can be levelled with fines of up to $2,200.

But yeah. Cops posting about Pokemon. It’s happening, you guys. We give it a week before the Young Liberals make a immigration-policy meme with “Stop the Zubats” on it.


Source: Queensland Police Service.

Photo: Queensland Police Service.