Queensland Cop Pauses Press Conference To Spear Tackle Man Running Past

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

A senior Queensland policeman was captured on video today pausing a press conference to spear tackle a man that was being chased nearby.

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A 9 News Sunshine Coast managed to film the moment that Detective Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards heard a kerfuffle going on behind the press conference, turned to see a man being pursued, and decided to intercept that man with a tackle.

The man had allegedly made inappropriate comments to the 19-year-old daughter of the other man pursuing him, who was yelling “You better get running! Run, run, run!” as the pair approached the gathered police and media.

The woman told 9 News that the man had tried to approach her twice: “He just asked me if I was single, saying that I was beautiful and he was going to buy me stuff. I just told him to go away and I wasn’t interested.

Police have charged the man with public nuisance which, according to 9 News, is the same charge as the one that led him to be at the police precinct that day.

The man was apparently not unknown to Detective Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards, with 9 News reporting that he had interrupted the press conference earlier to express his “disapproval of police“, which might have had a hand in why Edwards decided to tackle him without being aware of what the situation was or why he was running.