The Night Of Christmas Eve Just Became A Public Holiday In Queensland

Christmas Eve public holiday.

If you have ever had to work either Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, you will know that these shifts are the fucking pits. Everyone else in the world is out having the best time of their life, and you are stuck at the dick sucking factory either sucking the dicks, having your dick sucked, or inspecting the dick sucking (I’m not entirely sure what happens at the dick sucking factory, to be quite honest with you). Worse than that, you are doing it for no extra pay. None!

The good news is, this is no longer the case in Queensland, where those who find themselves pulling a shift at the duck sucking factory between the hours of 6pm and midnight on Christmas Eve will now have to be paid public holiday penalty rates for those hours. And, further to that, you cannot be forced to work during those hours, as is the case with all public holidays.

These changes come courtesy of legislation passed today in state parliament, becoming the third state or territory to do so after South Australia and the Northern Territory (although in both SA and the NT, the partial public holiday is only from 7pm to midnight).

These changes come into effect this year, so time to start getting ready to tell your boss to get fucked, I reckon.