QLD Charity Debuts Free Tampon Vending Machines To Help Women In Need

Free tampon vending machines are set to roll out across Queensland thanks to local charity Share the Dignity
Speaking to the Brisbane Times, Share the Dignity founder Rochelle Courtenay said the Pink Box vending machines will “ensure that every woman who is experiencing homelessness or fleeing domestic violence will have one less thing to worry about – and that will be experiencing her period without having the basic necessities.
Each pack will contain two pads and four tampons, and will also have the 1800 RESPECT number printed inside, providing a neat – and discreet – way to provide support to women who may be in dangerous situations. 
When asked about the possibility of thieves targeting the machines, Courtenay revealed that the Pink Boxes have a 10-minute timer on them, “so if a woman is really in need and she wants to wait in the bathroom for an hour and get six packs, then she really probably needs it.
Share the Dignity, founded last year in an attempt to make life just a little easier for women in very tough circumstances, has plans to install the vending machines in “homeless hubs, domestic violence refuges and courthouses and where we deem it appropriate elsewhere it will help women.”
After that whole debacle about the tampon tax, it’s nice to see some actual, measurable action taking place, that will have a positive impact on a lot of women’s lives. Look out for the Pink Box vending machines in Fortitude Valley, the Southport domestic violence court, the Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg and Townsville.

Source: Brisbane Times
Image: Mick de Brenni / Facebook.