Toowoomba Portable Toilets took out the top spot at‘s first ever International Toilet Tourism Awards, a thing that apparently exists.  
Not only were the Queensland portaloo biz dubbed the overall winners out of 30 entrants, they also nabbed the award for Quirkiest Toilet Experience for their prestige Dunnies with a Difference range. 
The range features three luxe af portaloos: the Rustic Shed, the Red London Phone Box and the Modular Ensuite. 
The Rustic Shed has too loos, a large mirror, sensored lights, hand towels, a bin and floor mats. 
The Red London Phone Box also has a large mirror, hand towels and a bin, but more importantly, it looks like this:
So if you’ve ever seen a red phone box and thought ‘I’d like to shit in that’, you can.
And the Modular Ensuite has a goddamn hot shower in it: 

The co-founders of both and the Awards, Carolyn Childs and Bronwyn White reckon there’s an obvious link between toilets and tourism dollars, as a good loo can spark conversation, encourage people to return to your destination, and also make it clear that the community wants tourists.
The judges – Childs, White, and Dick Teaken, who is writing a book on toilets of the world (a coffee table book for the whole family) – commented: “The Dunnies with a Difference range transform toilets from something you hide at outdoor events into wonderful quirky attractions that add real value because they are so pretty, functional, hygienic and mobile.”
While Neville Owers from Toowoomba Portable Toilets says that the range started as “just a bit of a joke“, their environment credentials are not laughable. 
All the loos in the range are made from recycled materials – including a shed from an abbatoir repurposed into a vanity – and they intend to make new dunnies that run off renewable energy: “It’s going to be all solar-powered and fully self-contained so we can go anywhere and not require anything.” 
As the overall winners, $2000 will be donated in their name by to UN World Toilet Day which aims to “tackle the global sanitation crisis“, and, fun fact, is happening on November 19.  
Source: Yahoo7
Photos: Toowoomba Portable Toilets.