Perth-Bound Qantas Flight Evacuated At Sydney Airport As Cabin Fills With Smoke


A Qantas flight bound for Perth was evacuated at Sydney airport earlier today, as the cabin filled with smoke and emergency slides were deployed.

The flight departed just after 10am, but turned around approximately 30 minutes into the journey, as the captain announced that the plane was experiencing issues with its hydraulic system.

Per ABC News reports, the plane landed on the tarmac, and was awaiting a tow to the gate when passengers began to smell “burning” in the cabin.

Student Ally Kemp, who was a passenger on the Qantas plane took to social media to say:

“Just had to evacuate my flight to Perth after engineering issues. Everyone had to exit the plane via slide onto Sydney tarmac after the cabin filled with smoke and the captain screamed evacuate. Terrifying.”

In a statement to the media, Qantas advised that the aircraft is being inspected by engineers. As for the evacuation itself, they said:

“Once back at the gate, the captain made the decision to evacuate the aircraft as a precaution and three emergency slides were deployed.” 

All people on the flight were evacuated, and one was taken to the Royal Prince Alfred hospital with “minor injuries” after the incident.