#PutYourWalletsOut For Bronwyn Bishop Trends Across The Nation

As we are all now aware The Hon Bronwyn Bishop MP has formally written to the Governor-General and resigned as Speaker of the House of Representatives. [cc: Clive Palmer]

Her boss Tony Abbott has emphasised the systematic issues rather than Bishop’s corrupt morals: “The system that we have is deficient. There’s a disconnect between what’s within the rules, and what’s within community expectation.” The implication being that her transgressions are, at least in part, due to matters outside of her control and politicians can’t be blamed for anything they’ve done in the past and nothing else counts and let’s just start the whole thing over!!!!! 😀 
Too late for Bronwyn, though 🙁

For her part, the Disgraced Ex Speaker will be chilling on the beaches, “continuing to serve the people of Mackellar as their local member,” and perhaps trying her hand at some light web development and graphic design?


In the meantime, should you feel the need to give her a symbolic helping hand:

Title image via Twitter via Photoshop.