Purple’s Olivier Zahm On Bloggers: ‘Kill Them All’

“Kill Them All.” If Purple Fashion svengali Olivier Zahm had his way this would be the fate of the fashion blogger collective.

In a recent interview Zahm voiced his discontent towards the blog phenomenon (which, to be fair, is essentially a narcissistic exercise for budding fashionistas with extensive pocket money, fame whores, and small adults disguised as fashion-forward children) in a tone straddling the line between tongue-in-cheek humour and deadpan homicidal.

To the interviewer he says: “I have no point of view on fashion anymore… I’m not allowed… You have to ask a young blogger for a point of view.”

Zahm seems to make a rather valid denunciation. There’s no denying fashion bloggers exert their own influence but, dude, get a grip. His own blog for Purple is just a series of black and white shots of he and all his sleazoid best friends/super goodlooking female acquaintances alternately bro-ing out or getting nude in expensive locations. Self-indulgence is, after all, what a blog is all about.