Puppetry Of The Penis Star Cops A Corkscrew To The Testicle & Ouch, That’s Gotta Hurt

puppetry of the penis

A naked Puppetry of the Penis performer has been injured mid-show after sitting on a woman’s lap and copping a corkscrew to the testicles.


David Friend, a member of the iconic Puppetry of the Penis duo, was performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival on Wednesday night when he decided to sit on the lap of a woman in the audience. Although it seems harmless enough (with consent, of course), Friend was unaware that the woman has just returned from a wine tour and had a corkscrew in her pocket.

Friend was performing his “favourite genital origami installation called The Bulldog” when the ordeal took place.

As you’d expect, a corkscrew to the ballsack is a pretty painful experience. The incident resulted in a severe injury to his testicle, which apparently turned a “deep shade of purple” after the ordeal.

The remainder of the Adelaide performances will have comedian Michael Dwyer and his schlong filling in as a replacement while Friend rests up.

Puppetry of the Penis is currently showing as part of the Gluttony entertainment series at this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival. Adelaide Fringe Festival kicked off on Valentines Day and runs right through until March 15, for the best month on the city’s calendar.

The Puppetry of the Penis creator and performer has seen a doctor and has been advice to rest his balls for a week before returning to his…. regular work duties.