Ur Queen’s Memorial Public Hol Weather Is Here & Turns Out The East Coast Will Shed Some Tears

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The first National Day of Mourning public holiday is almost upon us and Aussies are gearing up for a big day of reflection, sadness and…beers. As we prepare to usher in a new era of our monarchy (and more importantly a new $5 note design) here’s the weather for Thursday September 22.

Starting with Sydney, the city that always sleeps is headed for a high of 22 degrees according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). Your tears are sure to be camouflaged under the 15 to 25 mm of rain that’s expected to fall. Best grab an umbrella!

Melbourne is set to cop a beautiful 22-degree day which is great news for those of us who prefer to mourn with a beer in hand, somewhere near a body of water. The BOM describes this day as “mostly sunny” which coincidently was how I described my mood when I found out we’d be getting a public holiday.

Darwin’s temperature, much like the age limit on my Hinge profile, will max out at 35. It simply won’t go any higher except in extenuating circumstances. Darwin folk, you know what to do — pop the aircon on, grab a beer and cry/sweat through every pore in your body as you remember Her Majesty. Or don’t…

Further up the East Coast, the BOM reckons Brisbane is looking at some soggy public holiday weather with a 100% chance of rain and a high of 24 degrees. For a bit more spice, there’s also the chance of a thunderstorm. I guess even mother nature needs to mourn too…

Things are looking a bit friendlier in Adelaide with a “partly cloudy day” reaching a high of 19 degrees. The UV Index is also predicted to max out at 6 so slip slop slap! It’s what Lizzie would’ve wanted.

Making a late break towards decent weather, Hobart is expecting a high of 21 degrees. The sun will be in its peak hoe era in the morning before settling down into a monogamous relationship with some clouds in the afternoon.

Across to the West Coast now and Perth’s public holiday weather is tipped to hit a “partly cloudly” high of 19 degrees. The UV Index in WA’s capital will likely reach 7 so grab some sunscreen before the Adelaidians buy it all!

So there you have it, folks.

National Day of Mourning weather round-up complete. Let’s get loose—I mean respectfully honour our fallen monarch.