PSA: You Could Be Swiping Right Into Chlamydia On Tinder Today

If you’ve been thirstily swiping on Tinder today, you might have matched with someone who is far, far more unsavoury than the app’s usual worst offerings: a literal sexually transmitted disease.
User have been matching with ‘people’ of varying degrees of attractiveness who have completely bizarre names and bios – which are actually just weird STD puns and playful descriptions of the symptoms. Well, y’know, kind playful.
Charming, hey. Well, shockingly, it’s not just a new and exciting way that diseases have entered the 21st century, but actually a campaign by Hero Condoms who are trying to reach out to people who might be having casual sex but not taking proper precautions.
Hero’s David Wommelsdorff said it’s about raising awareness:

“Carrying a condom should not be seen in anyway a sign of bravado or promiscuity but rather a symbol that you as an individual are in charge of your own sexual health and that of your partner/s”.

If you were one of the lucky ones who saw the pic, read the bio about pustules and painful urethras and still swiped right (read: blokes), then you were treated to a further convo.

Never give up faith in blokes. Even when the person on the other end specifically says they’re a literal STD and not a person at all, they’re still a bit keen for it.
Hero teamed up with Aaron Tyler, the bloke you might know from his project Straya Cash. This is a fun one. Just, for the love of God, once you’ve found out that the beautiful babe you’re chatting to is actually the concept of herpes manifest, you can chuckle, think about how clever it is and then stop sexually pursuing it.

Source: HERO.
Image: Supplied.