Prepare yoself, because it’s mere hours until ya boy Drake drops his latest project. Nope, not new music. Nope, not that collab album with Kanye West

No, we’re talking about his movie. It’s called ‘Please Forgive Me’, and we know pretty much fuck-all info about it. 

Drizzy’s been dropping hints all over the joint about it, but today, he posted this on Instagram with the caption ‘Tonight‘:


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Drake has said that ‘PFM’ is based on the narrative of his latest album, ‘VIEWS’. 

It’s directed by Anthony Mandler, and scored by Drake’s long-time producer Noah ’40’ ShebibInstagram honeys Elizabeth & Victoria Lejonhjärta seem to feature in the film, and have also posted similar teaser images to their IG – the duo also featured in the ‘VIEWS‘ album artwork. 

It’s an Apple Music ~exclusivo~ (shocker), so don’t shoot the messenger, but you’ll need an subscription to watch it. 

Here’s some more teasers we’ve seen:


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REVENGE @champagnepapi

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Old mate Driz didn’t mention a timezone but if he on Toronto time, then we should be watching it sometime in the next hour (at time of writing). Fingers crossed. 

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Source: Instagram / @champagnepapi.

Photo: VIEWS.