PSA: Sydney Mates, Petrol’s Under The Magical Dollar/Litre Mark Again


  • Are you a fan of mankind’s favourite combustable liquid? 
  • Do you enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your car is capable of movement? 
  • Would you prefer spending your hard-earned dosh on literally anything else, other than petrol?

Get hype, then. Petrol is back under $1 per litre in a few spots around your fine city. 

Yeehaa. #cheap #petrol

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That wondrous $0.99 was spotted in at a petty station in Penshurst, with other users around the city also reporting similar prices. 

It’s the first time we’ve bared witness to sub-dollar pricing since the halcyon days of early 2015, when topsy-turvy geopolitics combined with a rare oversupply in oil. This time around… well, the sitch near the world’s major oil-producing regions isn’t what you’d call stable, and the United States are continuing to up their domestic production. 
With that ginormous market shrinking, wholesalers have been forced to drop prices in an attempt to offload it on the cheap. In some cases, crude is being hawked even cheaper than the barrels they come in. That’s where you come in, bud. 

Some industry experts reckon the trend won’t be quite as long-lived as it was last year, despite oil’s record low prices. Average prices around the country are also still hovering near $1.20/litre. If you can find it cheaper in Sydney, fill ‘er up to your heart’s content.